Rally for E-Cigarette Users Planned for October 11 in Lake Charles Canceled 

Rally for E-Cigarette Users Planned for October 11 in Lake Charles Canceled 

Published October 9, 2019
Updated October 11, 2019

UPDATE: The rally for e-cigarette users has been canceled due to a low expected turnout and a chance of rain.

From the event page:

“I am super glad that there was a lot of interest in this event, however, I dont think that would be wise. It may make more damage than serving its purpose to only show up with a small group. I know theres also a concern for the 60% rain chance. At this time I think we will just call it. We hoped for a better turn out, but I think it was a good step in the right direction for Louisiana Vaping as a whole to come together. Its easier to break an industry that doesnt stand together. Theres too many cancer stick smokers out there to help. Thats our focus. The November Rally in DC is coming up soon. Hope to see some of you there. Keep up the good fight! Keep making phone calls. Start with your city and state reps to educate, to open some dialogue, and go from there. Educated who you can. Support as many advocacy groups doing the larger work we cant. Again, thank you all for trying to come together for whats right. God Bless!”

Original article published October 9, 2019, below.

A rally in favor of keeping e-cigarettes legal is planned for October 11, 2019, at 6 p.m. on the grounds of the Lake Charles Civic Center. An event invitation for the rally titled “I VAPE I VOTE” was posted on social media recently.

The use of e-cigarettes has recently come under fire after several lung injuries and deaths have been connected to them. Many states have gone as far as temporarily banning the sale of e-cigarettes until more research can be done on the use of the devices. Some states have also cited underage use of e-cigarettes as another reason for the bans.

Some information has also come out indicating that the lung injuries and deaths are possibly caused by the use of black market e-cigarette refills and other additives being put in the e-liquids used in the devices.

From the “I VAPE I VOTE RALLY” event post:

“Come out Friday (meet at the center of the circle loop drive) to show that vaping rights are important to you. Grab a poster board and make your signs. I VAPE I VOTE FLAVORS SAVES LIVES, etc… This event is open to EVERYONE WHO VAPES. All vape shop owners, employees, and customers. If you vape then stand with us. This event is CIVIL. NO ACTING OUT, YELLING, ARGUING, CURSING, BLOWING GIANT CLOUDS IN FRONT OF MEDIA, etc… Please dress appropriately. How they see us is how we will be treated. Please direct any media interviews to a coordinator if you are a consumer. (If the front drive is blocked off our second meet point is the Sea Wall by the 9/11 Memorial). “

This event is scheduled for the same day as a rally to support the campaign for the reelection of Donald Trump as president and Republican candidates for Louisiana governor is scheduled to take place inside the Lake Charles Civic Center.

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