Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Signs 47 More Bills into Law from the 2022 Legislative Session

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Published June 28, 2022

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Signs 47 More Bills into Law from the 2022 Legislative Session


Louisiana – On June 27, 2022, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he signed 47more bills into law.

Louisiana Governor Edwards signed the following 47 bills into law:


ACT 676—SB 116 Creates the office on women’s health within the Louisiana Department of Health. 

ACT 677—SB 124 Requires the state Department of Education to provide student attendance data of certain students to local school governing authorities.  

ACT 678—SB 126 Provides relative to funding for university lab schools.

ACT 679—SB 140 Provides for insurance benefits for retired sheriffs and deputies of the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office.  

ACT 680—SB 143 Provides relative to the concealed carrying of firearms.  

ACT 681—SB 178 Provides for TOPS exceptions due to Hurricane Ida.  

ACT 682—SB 192 Provides for the Postsecondary Inclusive Education Fund for funding programs for students with intellectual disabilities.  

ACT 683—SB 209 Authorizes the commissioner of insurance to order certain penalties to persons engaging in an unfair method of competition or an unfair or deceptive act or practice. 

ACT 684—SB 228 Provides for immunity from suit for invasion of privacy.  

ACT 685—SB 235 Authorizes parishes to contract with the Louisiana Sales and Use Tax Commission for Remote Sellers for the collection of local sales and use tax.  

ACT 686—SB 275 Provides relative to affiliates and subsidiaries of local housing authority members.  

ACT 687—SB 280 Provides relative to the Dam Safety Program.  

ACT 688—SB 283 Provides relative to submission of redistricting plans to the secretary of state. 

ACT 689—SB 297 Provides relative to power-based violence at public postsecondary institutions. 

ACT 690—SB 311 Requires the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness to adopt certain rules.  

ACT 691—SB 313 Requires mayors who are authorized to conduct mayor’s court or municipal court to undergo certain training.  

ACT 692—SB 314 Provides relative to historic horse racing. 

ACT 693—SB 323 Provides relative to juveniles in the criminal justice system. 

ACT 694—SB 332 Provides relative to the alcohol permits. 

ACT 695—SB 347 Authorizes the audit of certain vendor documentation in procurement of surveillance equipment by the office of legislature auditor.  

ACT 696—SB 348 Provides for a process for a prior authorization for a particular healthcare service, procedure, or prescription drug. 

ACT 697—SB 358 Provides relative to acts of bullying. 

ACT 698—SB 359 Provides for civil forfeiture reform.  

ACT 699—SB 368 Provides relative to building and zoning regulations in parishes and municipalities.  

ACT 700—SB 378 Provides for the regulation of advertisements. 

ACT 701—SB 389 Provides relative to the suspension of driver’s licenses for failure to pay taxes.

ACT 702—SB 393 Designates the crime of possession of a firearm by a felon as a crime of violence. 

ACT 703—SB 394 Requires coverage for drugs under certain conditions and the drug is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. 

ACT 704—SB 397 Provides for the classification of the assistant police chief in the city of Westwego. 

ACT 705—HB 598 Prohibits a building inspector from using his discretion in determining the applicability of building codes.  

ACT 706—HB 524 Establishes a program for needs assessment and coordination of services for people with disabilities affected by disasters. 

ACT 707—HB 546 Provides relative to the requirements for admission into a teacher education program.  

ACT 708—HB 557 Provides relative to the dispensing of contraceptives.  

ACT 709—HB 567 Creates the Lifestyle Choices pilot program.  

ACT 710—HB 610 Provides relative to student loans. 

ACT 711—HB 652 Provides relative to the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans.  

ACT 712—HB 714 Provides relative to cosmetics.  

ACT 713—HB 715 Makes various revisions in the Insurance Holding Company System Regulatory Law.  

ACT 714—HB 762 Creates and provides for the Louisiana Outdoors Forever Program.  

ACT 715—HB 789 Provides relative to the student loan lenders.  

ACT 716—HB 790 Provides relative to certificate of ownership and salvage title for motor vehicles declared to be a total loss  

ACT 717—HB 867 Provides relative to the designation of highway safety corridors by the Department of Transportation and Development  

ACT 718—HB 887 Provides for the right of action in wrongful death and survival actions. 

ACT 719—HB 888 Requires the Board of Regents to establish a “Hunger-Free Campus” designation program and related grant program for postsecondary education institutions. 

ACT 720—HB 910 Provides relative to athletic training.

ACT 721—HB 938 Provides relative to licenses issued by the Louisiana State Racing Commission.  

ACT 722—HB 963 Requires instruction in water safety for public school students.