Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Signs 48 More Bills into Law from the 2022 Legislative Session

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Published June 16, 2022

ACT 359—HB 17Provides for a benefit increase for the Louisiana School Employees’ Retirement System.

ACT 360—HB 21Provides for a funding deposit account for Municipal Police Employees’ Retirement System and authorizes the board of trustees of the system to modify required employer contributions.

ACT 361—HB 28Provides relative to certain eviction proceedings in the City Court of Hammond.

ACT 362—HB 38Creates an Employee Insurance Fund for the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office.

ACT 363—HB 39Provides for ex officio notaries public with certain limited authority for the Beauregard Parish School Board.

ACT 364—HB 44Provides relative to the information required to be provided to a committee reviewing the re-creation of a statutory entity.

ACT 365—HB 49Authorizes the town of Henderson to levy a hotel occupancy tax.

ACT 366—HB 55Provides for Medicaid coverage of dental care for certain residents of intermediate care facilities.

ACT 367—HB 63Provides for an exception for certain information required to be submitted by a nongovernmental entity.

ACT 368—HB 72Provides relative to the board of commissioners of Terrebonne Parish Fire Protection District Number Six.

ACT 369—HB 78Provides relative to the state’s annual comprehensive financial report.

ACT 370—HB 88Provides for Celebrate Freedom Week in public schools.

ACT 371—HB 118Provides for the members of the Louisiana Property and Casualty Insurance Commission and its ad hoc committees.

ACT 372—HB 124Provides relative to certain judicial proceedings conducted by audio-visual means.

ACT 373—HB 131Provides relative to the salary schedules of teachers whose employment is interrupted by military service.

ACT 374—HB 133Provides for technical corrections and revision of provisions of Title 17 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes.

ACT 375—HB 149Provides relative to legal advisor services for the Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority.

ACT 376—HB 150Provides relative to the Morgan City Harbor and Terminal District.

ACT 377—HB 155Provides relative to property adjudicated to the city of Monroe.

ACT 378—HB 319Adds a member with aviation experience to the Shreveport Airport Authority.

ACT 379—HB 323Creates the Back on Track Louisiana Pilot Program.

ACT 380—HB 324Provides relative to the composition of the Oyster Task Force.

ACT 381—HB 326Provides relative to historical horse racing fees.

ACT 382—HB 335Provides relative to behavioral health.

ACT 383—HB 345Provides an exemption from tolls on La. Hwy. 1 bridge for certain school personnel.

ACT 384—HB 361Provides relative to search warrants for medical records.

ACT 385—HB 400Requires instruction relative to cardiac health in high school.

ACT 386—HB 402Provides relative to the prescriptive period for certain actions for abuse of a minor.

ACT 387—HB 620Provides relative to the authority of private nonprofit elementary or secondary schools and public elementary or secondary schools to conduct certain games of chance.

ACT 388—HB 658Modifies the membership of the Louisiana Advisory Council on Driver Education.

ACT 389—HB 682Provides for a claims adjuster database.

ACT 390—HB 709Authorizes behavioral health services providers to furnish services to clients and patients regardless of those persons’ location within the state.

ACT 391—HB 726Provides relative to the financial obligations of criminal offenders.

ACT 392—HB 739Provides for placement of a memorial of Oscar James Dunn in the state capitol.

ACT 393—HB 825Provides relative to licensed practical nurses who administer chemical tests for intoxication.

ACT 394—HB 841Provides relative to the disclosure of personal information of certain persons.

ACT 395—HB 852Creates a book delivery program for certain public school students.

ACT 396—HB 864Provides relative to the Board of Louisiana River Pilot Review and Oversight.

ACT 397—HB 869Designates portions of certain highways as memorial highways.

ACT 398—HB 874Provides relative to the office of deputy state examiner.

ACT 399—HB 879Provides relative to an authorized expense allowance paid to members of a parish governing authority.

ACT 400—HB 886Provides relative to powers granted to the state examiner with respect to the admission to tests.

ACT 401—HB 895Creates the LaSalle Cultural Corridor District in Orleans Parish.

ACT 402—HB 906Removes a requirement for certain Lawrason Act municipalities to use the gubernatorial election dates for municipal elections.

ACT 403—HB 966Authorizes a renewable tax for the operation of the coroner’s office for certain parishes.

ACT 404—HB 1007Provides relative to tax sale property.

ACT 405—HB 1032Provides relative to outdoor advertising.

ACT 406—HB 1067Provides relative to the Fresh Start Proper Worker Classification Initiative and the Voluntary Disclosure Program.