Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Signs 32 More Bills into Law and Vetos 1 from the 2022 Legislative Session

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Published June 08, 2022

On June 7, 2022, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he signed 32 more bills into law and vetoed one bill. The Governor also issued a letter regarding his decision to let SB 44 become law without his signature.

Louisiana Governor Edwards signed the following 32 bills into law:

ACT 246—HB 298 Provides relative to involuntary servitude and the administration of criminal justice.

ACT 247—SB 8 Clarifies and standardizes language relative to certain benefits.

ACT 248—SB 9 Provides relative to benefits provided by and administration of certain statewide retirement systems.

ACT 249—SB 12 Provides for an extension of the Competitive Projects Payroll Incentive Program.

ACT 250—SB 19 Provides for police officers to use electronic forms.

ACT 251—SB 23 Provides for the deposit of monies into the Oilfield Site Restoration Fund.

ACT 252—SB 31 Provides for the repeal of certain inactive or obsolete healthcare laws.

ACT 253—SB 33 Provides relative to alternate electrical power sources in nursing facilities.

ACT 254—SB 41 Provides for the Louisiana Quality Jobs Program Act.

ACT 255—SB 110 Creates the Louisiana Electric Utility Energy Transition Securitization Act.

ACT 256—SB 127 Provides for certain advertising requirements for small purchase bids.

ACT 257—SB 133 Eliminates the requirement that a customer execute an affidavit on certain bank accounts.

ACT 258—SB 152 Provides relative to certain unauthorized acts of motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, distributor branches, factory branches, and converters.

ACT 259—SB 168 Provides relative to commercial insurance.

ACT 260—SB 172 Provides relative to costs of issuance and the reporting requirements for bonds approved by the State Bond Commission.

ACT 261—SB 174 Provides relative to shareholder remedies within the state banking code.

ACT 262—SB 179 Provides relative to annual filing and reporting requirements of charitable organizations.

ACT 263—SB 198 Provides relative to the adjustment of residential claims.

ACT 264—SB 230 Provides for qualifications of title insurance producers.

ACT 265—SB 284 Provides relative to garnishments.

ACT 266—SB 290 Provides relative to the regulation of sports wagering.

ACT 267—SB 305 Provides for the disclosure of certain information on websites and online services.

ACT 268—SB 453 Provides relative to low speed autonomous motor vehicles.

ACT 269—SB 488 Authorizes millage rate increases in certain parishes.

ACT 270—HB 157 Provides relative to tax sale title.

ACT 271—HB 314 Makes technical corrections to various provisions of law within and relating to the subject matter of the legislative committees on health and welfare.

ACT 272—HB 360 Provides for the continuous revision of the Children’s Code.

ACT 273—HB 545 Provides for prelicensing requirements for insurance producers

ACT 274—HB 646 Makes revisions to the Louisiana Election Code.

ACT 275—HB 708 Defines biomass as it relates to the Louisiana Renewable Energy Development Act.

ACT 276—HB 979 Provides for the sharing of limited student information for the purpose of administering certain federal food assistance programs.

ACT 277—HB 1035 Provides relative to the Underground Storage Tank Program.

Louisiana Governor Edwards vetoed the following bill

HB 544 Gov. Edwards has vetoed HB 544 because it is a significant rollback of the 2017 Justice Reinvestment effort, which was passed by the legislature with strong bipartisan support.

Louisiana Governor Edwards also issued a letter regarding his decision to let SB 44 become law without his signature.Follow this link to read the letter.