Yanny or Laurel, Which One Do You Hear?

In Case You Haven’t Heard it Yet

Do you hear the word “Yanny” or “Laurel” when you play the audio below? Apparently, it’s making the internet go crazy, but there is some science behind it. The word you hear depends mainly on two factors: what type of speakers you’re listening to it on, and how well your ears hear high and low frequencies.

If you heard “Yanny” either your speakers or headphones are only reproducing mid to high frequencies or your ears can hear the higher frequencies. If you hear “Laurel”, your sound system is able to reproduce the lower frequencies, and you are able to hear them. I was able to hear both, and you might be able to as well. I listened to it and heard “Yanny” on my laptop speakers and TV, but when I switched to a set of headphones I was able to hear “Laurel”. This is because the small laptop speakers aren’t able to reproduce the lower frequencies, but the larger drivers in my headphones are. If you don’t have headphones with good bass reproduction, try it on a home stereo or vehicle sound system.


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