Multiple Mosquito Pools in Southwest Louisiana Test Positive for West Nile Virus

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Published June 21, 2022

Multiple Mosquito Pools in Southwest Louisiana Test Positive for West Nile Virus

Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana – Calcasieu Parish Mosquito Control reported on June 20, 2022, that they had received confirmation from the Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory in Baton Rouge that four of the parish’s mosquito pools – collections of mosquitoes from various areas in the parish – had tested positive for the West Nile Virus.

The West Nile Virus is spread by mosquitos and can cause brain inflammation. Most people infected with WNV do not get sick, but one in every five develops a fever and flu-like symptoms. One in every 150 infected people develops a serious – and sometimes fatal – illness.

“Most years we see our first positive pools in July. The early hot, dry weather has caused mosquitoes and birds to search for water, bringing them into close proximity and this increases the likelihood of disease transmission,” said Scott Harrington, Calcasieu Parish Mosquito Control Manager. “The dry conditions can cause a lower mosquito population but an increase in mosquito-borne virus activity.”

To combat the problem, Calcasieu Parish Mosquito will increase both ground and aerial spraying.

All residents are encouraged to use mosquito repellent whenever possible and to wear long sleeves and pants when going outside, especially at dawn and dusk. In addition, mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, so dispose of or drain any water-holding items around your home.

Mosquito Spray Information and Schedule Map for Calcasieu Parish

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