Information about the I-10 Bridge Joint Replacement Project and I-210 Re-decking

LA DOTD Secretary Dr. Shawn Wilson discusses the I-10 Calcasieu River bridge maintenance, future replacement, and the I-210 redecking project.

Excerpt from the video:

Southwest Louisiana is experiencing some of the most exciting times in its recent history. Tremendous growth in the job sector as well as in infrastructure. Your Department of Transportation and Development, along with local support, and the community are undertaking several major transformative transportation projects. The first of that list is doing the I-10 joint repair. It’s so very important that the main corridor of our state is in its best possible condition until we get to the replacement. Following that we will then work on the I-210 project. That project is going to be a critical corridor improvement that’s going to make sure that that bridge is safe and sound so that when we undertake the real jewel of what will happen in South Louisiana, the replacement of the I-10 Bridge, you have a very safe and effective transportation system to work on.

After you watch the video, check out these links for live traffic information:
Southwest Louisiana Live Traffic Map and List of Congested Intersections
Live Traffic Cameras in Southwest Louisiana

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