Graduation Ceremony Scheduling Conflicts Again for Two Local High Schools

Two of the Largest Local High School Graduations Will Be at the Same Time Again this Year

Last year there were many complaints about two of the largest high schools in Calcasieu Parish having their graduation ceremonies at the same time, and it looks like it will happen again in 2018.

Thursday, May 17, Sam Houston High School seniors will be walking across the stage at the Burton Coliseum at the same time the graduating class of Sulphur High will be getting their diplomas at the Lake Charles Civic Center. This might not seem like an issue to some people, but to others, it’s a big deal. There are many friends and family members, including some parents and grandparents, that will have to choose between attending the graduation of one child or another. This scheduling issue also extends to the students themselves, as some will have to miss a friend or family member’s graduation in order to attend their own.

Traffic is also usually an issue during graduations in the area and may be compounded by the recent increase in the population of Southwest Louisiana.

What do you think about two of the largest schools in the parish continuing to schedule their graduation ceremonies at the same time?


  1. Julie

    We would LOVE for this to be changed so we can attend both graduations. Thank you for giving this attention. Let’s start a friendly petition and express our desires to the person in charge.

  2. Jon Hair

    It is a frequent problem for my family as a Pastor and for our church family as well, as we are forced to choose whose graduation ceremony gets skipped. As for unconcerned faculty not caring, our experience with both administrations has made us grateful for their service and commitment to excellence— so much so that our congregation hosts an Appreciation Service and dinner in honor of our educators. While respecting their demands and time constraints, we absolutely hope and pray that these two schools will ameliorate the annual conflicting date. Surely with their skill set, there must be a solution. I wholeheartedly support a date change from this year forward!


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