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What Do You Think Should Be Done With the Detainees at the US-Mexican Border?

Updated June 20, 2018 @ 3:52 PM – Updated portion below poll.

Reason For the Recent Increase in Separation of Adults and Children Crossing Illegally

It has been reported that under the “zero-tolerance” policy introduced by the Trump administration in May of 2018, everyone who crosses the border is prosecuted the first time. When the adults are detained in jail, their children cannot be with them. Before the “zero-tolerance” policy was introduced, first-time offenders were typically deported and monitored, but not prosecuted. If they attempted to illegally enter the US again, they were then prosecuted. The increase in children and adults being separated at the border is believed to be due to more first-time border crossers bringing children, while second-time border crossers do not.

Visit this page to read remarks made in May 2018 by Attorney General Sessions discussing immigration enforcement actions of the Trump Administration.

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President Trump has signed an executive order regarding the separation of children and adults a the US border with Mexico. Information about the executive order is available below.


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