Smoking Ban in Louisiana Bars and Casinos

Louisiana State Representative Dustin Miller wants to ban smoking in all bars and casinos in the state. In addition to the current smoking ban in most public places, this will be a statewide comprehensive policy that will make all workplaces, including bars, casinos and gaming places smoke-free.

The change has been supported by members of the Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Louisiana. The coalition also started its Smoke-Free Louisiana Campaign on April 3, 2018, to build support for the ban.

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1 Comment

  1. Jason DeJohn

    Smoking in bars and nightclubs should not be banned because when people drink and shoot pool they like to smoke.
    Banning smoking in bars as a mistake. It’s going to cause a lot of bars and nightclubs to close. I’m a smoker I play pool but now I don’t go play pool that much anymore because you cannot smoke.