Upcoming Weather Shift in Southwest Louisiana: Cold Fronts and Active Weather Patterns

By Calcasieu Staff
Published January 11, 2024

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Lake Charles, Louisiana – The National Weather Service in Lake Charles has issued a weather outlook, forecasting cooler and more active weather for the upcoming week. Residents should be prepared for fluctuating temperatures and potentially severe weather on January 11.

According to meteorologists, a cold front will sweep through the area on January 11, bringing with it a slight risk of severe weather. While the severity of the weather remains uncertain, residents are advised to stay updated with the latest weather alerts and be prepared for possible thunderstorms and gusty winds.

Furthermore, another front is expected to move through the region on Sunday into Monday, ushering in a surge of cooler air. This will result in a noticeable drop in temperatures, making it essential for individuals to bundle up and take necessary precautions to stay warm and protected.

As the week progresses, Lake Charles and its surrounding areas can anticipate a more active weather pattern. The combination of these weather systems creates an increased likelihood of showers, thunderstorms, and potentially heavy rainfall.

In summary, Lake Charles can expect cooler and more active weather for the week ahead. A slight risk of severe weather is anticipated on January 11, with an additional front bringing cooler temperatures on Sunday into Monday.