Two From Louisiana Killed in House Fire Suspected to Have Been Caused by Unsafe Smoking Practices

By Evelina Rivers
Published September 06, 2023

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Monroe, Louisiana – Two from Louisiana were killed in a house fire suspected to have been caused by unsafe smoking practices.

The ongoing investigation by deputies from the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s (SFM) office into a house fire in Monroe that resulted in the death of two men continues.

The Ouachita Parish Fire Department received a call about a house fire on the 20th block of Burton Place just before 4 a.m. on Sunday, September 3. Tragically, the responses found two casualties. The body of one man was located in the dining room of the house, while the other man’s body was found in a back room.

It is suspected that the victims are two individuals ages 43 and 39, both from Monroe, Louisiana. They were known to regularly visit the house.

After analyzing the scene, the deputies have concluded that the fire started in a bedroom. While the inquiry is still underway, officials from SFM indicated that they cannot fully dismiss the potential role of unsafe smoking habits as a potential factor in triggering this fire.

Regarding safe habits for smoking, the SFM consistently suggests smoking outside and making certain that smoking materials are properly put out and discarded in suitable containers. Also, it is strongly advised to store smoking materials, particularly objects that can create sparks such as lighters, in places that are inaccessible to children.

Finally, the house had no functional smoke detectors according to SFM. The State Fire Marshal’s office urges every citizen of Louisiana to understand the vital role of smoke detectors in saving lives during fires, regardless of the kind of home they live in. If finding smoke detectors for your home is a challenge, Operation Save-A-Life is there to assist. If you wish to know more about Operation Save-A-Life, or you need to sign up for a complimentary smoke detector, visit our website at or reach out to your local fire department to request a free installation of a smoke detector.