Tropical Storm Alberto Prompts Roadway Monitoring in Louisiana Due to Flooding

By Calcasieu Staff
Published June 19, 2024

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Louisiana – As Tropical Storm Alberto continues to churn in the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana State Troopers with Troop C are keeping a close eye on roadway conditions along LA Highway 1 between Golden Meadow and Grand Isle in Lafourche Parish. The storm’s impact has already begun to affect the region, with high water levels reported on the highway.

As of 10:30 a.m., the roadway remained passable, albeit with a few inches of water in various spots. However, authorities are prepared to close the highway at a moment’s notice if conditions worsen, prioritizing motorists’ safety above all else. High water signs have been strategically positioned along the route to alert drivers of the potential dangers.

Residents have also reported that water is covering parts of River Road in Lake Charles and coastal roadways in Cameron Parish.

The Louisiana State Police is urging drivers to exercise extreme caution when navigating the affected areas, emphasizing the importance of avoiding deep water at all costs. “Do not attempt to drive through deep water,” officials warn, citing the risk of engine damage and vehicle disablement.

Residents and travelers alike are advised to remain weather-aware, heeding warnings and alerts issued by authorities as the situation evolves.

In the face of this developing situation, the Louisiana State Police reminds drivers to prioritize safety above all else, avoiding risks that could lead to a crash or incident.