Tornadoes Confirmed in Carlyss and Lake Charles by National Weather Service

A National Weather Service survey team has confirmed that two tornadoes did, in fact, touch down in Southwest Louisiana. The tornadoes happened during the storm that passed through the area late October 31 and into the morning hours of November 1, 2018.

One of the tornadoes touched down in Carlyss near the intersection of Choupique Road and Highway 108 West. The other touched down near the intersection of Ryan Street and McNeese Street in Lake Charles The National Weather Service indicated that both tornadoes were EF-1 in strength, which means the winds were between 86 MPH and 110 MPH. The EF scale goes down to EF-0 at 65-85 MPH and up to EF-5 with wind speeds of 200 MPH+. The map below shows the approximate locations the tornadoes touched down.

Several homes and business reported property damage from the storm and tornadoes, but no major injuries were reported at the time this article was written.