Suspect Arrested in Louisiana Following Prolonged Standoff After Hospital Informs Authorities of Abuse

By Liora Hawthorne
Published August 09, 2023

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Union Parish, Louisiana – A suspect was arrested in Louisiana following a prolonged standoff after a hospital informed authorities of abuse.

On early Monday morning, a Farmerville, Louisiana man was taken into custody following a prolonged standoff that arose from an incident of domestic violence. Union Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call at around 1 AM from Union General Hospital’s Emergency Room. Here, an individual was receiving treatment for injuries reportedly caused by their live-in partner, 64-year-old Philip Hughes from Farmerville, Louisiana. The inflicted harm included multiple injuries all over the victim’s upper body, head, and limbs.

The inquiry found that Hughes repeatedly assaulted the victim, threatening to kill them if they sought police help or attempted to escape. The victim reported that Hughes tried to choke them and doused them with an unidentified substance. However, a minor child present at the location intervened, enabling the victim to escape from Hughes.

Deputies from the UPSO teamed up with officers from the Farmerville Police to visit Hughes’ home. Although the deputies declared their presence, Hughes responded with verbal abuse and threats towards them, swearing to kill them. He eventually stopped communication by turning off the lights. To secure the area, more deputies were summoned, and they surrounded the home. In-depth investigations confirmed that Hughes was the only occupant of the home. They also verified that the minor involved in the matter was safe and no longer present at the property.

UPSO reached out to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office (OPSO) and enlisted the help of their SWAT team. The OPSO SWAT team arrived and initiated communication efforts with Hughes. After about an hour of negotiation, Hughes consented to give himself up. Shortly before 5 AM, Hughes emerged from the home, giving himself up to the deputies without causing any further problems. He was subsequently transported to the Union Parish Detention Center where he was booked and charged accordingly.

Hughes was charged with Domestic Abuse Battery with Strangulation False Imprisonment Public Intimidation (5 counts) Resisting an Officer – Simple Assault (5 counts) Second Degree Battery

Hughes’ bail amount will be determined later this week in the Third District Court. This probe is in progress and there is a possibility for more charges.