Super Blood Wolf Moon Over Louisiana What it is and When to Watch

During the month of January in 2019, there was a Super Blood Wolf Moon Over Louisiana


On the evening of January 20 and into the morning of January 21, 2019, a Super Blood Wolf Moon passed over Louisiana. Below we have more information about the Super Blood Wolf Moon, along with a timelapse and full-length video, as well as a January Moon Calendar.

What is a Super Blood Wolf Moon?

It’s a combination of a Super Moon, a Blood Moon, and a Wolf Moon happening all at the same time. Listed below you will find what each of those different things is.

  • Super Moon: When a new or full moon coincides with when the Moon is at its closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit.
  • Blood Moon: When the Moon is in total eclipse and appears red because of sunlight filtered and refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Wolf Moon: Named after wolves, it is the first full Moon of the year.

With their powers combined, they are SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON 😉

Below you’ll find a timelapse video as well as a full-length video of the Super Blood Wolf Moon.

Moon Calendar January 2019

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