Sulphur’s Fire Hydrant Flush Scheduled for December – Potential Tap Water Discoloration Expected

By Calcasieu Staff
Published December 04, 2023

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Sulphur, Louisiana – The Sulphur Fire Department will be conducting testing and inspections of the fire hydrants in the City throughout December. During this process, residents may observe discolored tap water as the fire department personnel flush out the hydrants. This annual testing is crucial for maintaining the Fire Department’s Class 2 fire rating and ensuring that the hydrants are functioning effectively for fire protection purposes.

In addition to preserving the fire rating, the testing serves to monitor the overall health of the City’s water system, pinpoint weak areas in the system, agitate settled materials within the hydrant, and clear out any blockages in the lines.

The City of Sulphur indicated that if you notice any discoloration in your water, there is no need for alarm. Residents are advised to run their water until it runs clear before using it for washing clothes or drinking. Typically, the water should clear up within about five minutes.