Sulphur Walmart Adds Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Electric Car Charging Now Available at Sulphur Walmart Super Center

Many people have noticed the new construction activity going on in the fenced-in area of the parking lot at the Walmart Super Center in Sulphur, LA. There were discussions on social media over what was being built. Some suggested that is was going to be one of the new convenience stores Walmart is rolling out in some locations to replace the current kiosk stations. Others said that they heard it was going to be a charging station for electric cars. The latter was correct.

The new station only somewhat resembles most current gasoline and diesel fueling stations. It’s basically just four small kiosks that look similar to tall bank ATMs. Each kiosk has what appears to be a touch screen, card reader, and two charging cables. The rapid chargers at these types of charging stations can typically fully charge an electric car in 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the vehicle.

Image by Brent A Shetley via Facebook