Some Restaurants in Southwest Louisiana Considering No Longer Using Waitr Due to Fee Increase

Some Restaurants in Southwest Louisiana Considering No Longer Using Waitr Due to Fee Increase

Several business owners in Southwest Louisiana have expressed their concerns over a recent price increase announced by the food delivery service Waitr. Pricing information from one local restaurant indicates that the fees businesses are charged for the service started out at 3% of the order total, then went up to 15% of the total. Some businesses also paid a one-time fee of $1,500 or $99 per month for service and equipment depending on when they started using Waitr for delivery services. The new increased commission paid by restaurants to Waitr will now be based on how much in net food sales a restaurant makes through the service during a month.

The new fees can range anywhere from 15% all the way up to 25% of the net food charge of an order placed through Waitr.

Chart of proposed new Waitr fees charged to businesses:
Waitr New Fees

One owner of five restaurants, two in Lake Charles, took to a local social media restaurant and food group to ask other restauranteurs what they thought of the increase.

From Frankie Randazzo:

“I’d like to ask other owner/operators whether they intend to stay on Waitr with the significant price increase they are proposing. We see value and have been generally pleased with the service but are taking a good look at the ability to be profitable under the new proposed terms. We currently have 5 locations on with them and are about to add a 6th. Thank you for your participation!”

The social media profile for Lil Mama’s Spot also posed a similar question saying:

“…when are we gon discuss this New WAITR contract?…”

Waitr also recently laid off many local workers –  Waitr Reportedly Lays Off Much of Lake Charles Office Staff Abruptly June 27, 2019  

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