Sheriff in Calcasieu Parish Again Warning Residents of Phishing Scams

By Orion Blake
Published August 15, 2023

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Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana – Sheriff Tony Mancuso is alerting local residents about a scam that has recently emerged in southwest Louisiana.

Individuals have reported receiving unwanted emails or text messages from an unfamiliar number, pretending to be from a trustworthy entity like a renowned retailer, banking institution, or community school’s fundraising event. These fraudsters try to dupe you into sharing sensitive data like passwords, account details, or social security numbers.

Here are some illustrations of the kinds of communication utilized by fraudsters trying to capture your attention: A bank expressing that they have detected irregular activities or sign-in attempts; an unfamiliar invoice; or a community fundraising venture appealing for a contribution.

Sheriff Tony Mancuso indicated that if you suspect you’ve been targeted by a phishing attempt, begin by questioning if you have a connection to the organization or person that targeted you – if the answer is no, it’s probable that it’s a phishing trick. So, discard the email or text and report it as spam. If the answer is yes, make sure to connect with the company or person via a reliable phone number. Avoid using any attachments or links forwarded to you until the authenticity of the information is confirmed.