Sulphur Walmart Member of Management Responds to Rumors About Recent Temporary Store Closing

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Rumors About Why Sulphur Walmart Temporarily Closed and Responses From a Member of Management

Published February 6, 2021

On February 3, 2021, the Walmart Supercenter in Sulphur announced that they would be temporarily closing their store for cleaning sanitizing, and stocking.The store closed Wednesday, February 3, 2021, at 2 pm, and reopened Friday, February 5, 2021, at 7 am. During and since the temporary closure there have been several rumors spread on social media about the reason. Two of the rumors that seem to have spread the most suggest that the closure was because many employees tested positive for COVID-19 or that the closure was to remove the sporting goods department along with all guns and ammo.

A member of the Sulphur Walmart management team responded to both rumors indicating that the temporary closure was for cleaning sanitizing, and stocking and that the store is also in a remodel. Below you can find versions of the two rumors, as well as the responses from the member of management.


“The reason Walmart in Sulphur was closed for 2 days was because 68 employees tested positive for covid-19, stores need to be upfront and honest with the public with this pandemic as many were exposed not knowing it.”

Question: “Is it true that 68 people tested positive for Covid?”

Response from a manager:

“No, it’s not. Yes, we like other business have had some cases but we have just as many “self quarantine” or staying home because a family member was exposed. Either way, it was much needed for us to catch up! And that we did! It was nice to feel accomplished when we opened back Friday! Store looked good. In-stock was amazing, and Online grocery opened back up! I know it’s not ideal for “Wal-Mart to close”. But we are not in the times we used to be in. Safety of associates and customers is a top priority.


“Walmart in Sulphur did not close to clean and place decals. They completely removed the sporting goods section, i.e. all the guns and ammo. “

Response from a manager:

“The store is in a remodel. The sporting goods department/hardware and auto counter went to a 3 in 1 during a pilot run for service during the last remodel pre-Covid.
With this separation of the counter each Dept will have their own counter back. Gun and ammo cases were left intact just moved. There has been nothing communicated. At this time that we won’t carry those items. None of you guys posting and sharing have been in the store while we closed. All you are doing is sharing non factual information. Guns and ammo along with Toliet paper, Lysol spray and cleaning supplies have been a supply issue since March.”

The responses above are from a member of the management team at the Sulphur Walmart Supercenter, not the corporate office.