Plan Ahead for Traffic Delays: Lane Closure on US 90 Eastbound in Lake Charles

By Zephyr Sullivan
Published November 08, 2023

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Lake Charles, Louisiana – US 90 Eastbound in Lake Charles to Experience Partial Closure for Roadwork

Starting on Monday, November 13, 2023, commuters traveling on US 90 Eastbound (Belden Street/Fruge Street) in Lake Charles will need to plan for a partial closure due to roadwork. The closure will last until Wednesday, November 15, 2023, and will affect the left lane.

This closure is an alternating and intermittent lane closure, meaning that at times, traffic will be able to flow normally, while at other times, the left lane will be closed off. Commuters should be prepared for potential delays during the closure period.

The roadwork will take place between South Cherry Street and US 171. These cross streets mark the beginning and end of the affected area. The closure will occur daily from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM, allowing for roadwork crews to safely carry out their tasks.

Drivers are advised to use caution and follow any detour signs or instructions provided by traffic control personnel. It is important to be mindful of reduced speeds and lane changes during the closure.

The purpose of this roadwork is to improve the condition and functionality of US 90 Eastbound. By carrying out these repairs, the road will be safer and more efficient for motorists in the long run.

Commuters are encouraged to plan their routes in advance and allow for extra travel time during the closure period. Consider alternative routes if possible to avoid the affected area and minimize any potential inconvenience.

Follow this link for a live traffic map of Southwest Louisiana.