Pedestrian in Louisiana Killed in Nighttime Crash on US 90 in Acadia Parish

By Orion Blake
Published June 08, 2023

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Pedestrian in Louisiana Killed in Nighttime Crash on US 90 in Acadia Parish

Acadia Parish, Louisiana – A pedestrian in Louisiana was killed in a nighttime crash on US 90 in Acadia Parish.

A fatal crash involving a pedestrian on US Highway 90 was reported by Louisiana State Police (LSP) on June 7, 2023. According to LSP, the crash occurred shortly after 9:30 P.M. on June 6, near Rayne, Louisiana in Acadia Parish. Amanda Soileaux, a 42-year-old resident of Rayne, Louisiana lost her life in this crash.

According to the initial investigation conducted by State Police officials, Soileaux was walking westward in the eastern lane of US 90 when she was struck by an eastbound 2016 Toyota Corolla. She was brought to a local hospital where she was later pronounced deceased. The driver of the car submitted a voluntary breath sample for testing and showed no signs of alcohol consumption or impairment at the time of the incident. The driver also escaped any injuries from the crash since they were wearing seatbelts as required.

Although it is unclear whether Soileaux had consumed any intoxicating substances before walking along the highway, a standard toxicology sample has been taken for analysis to determine if there were any traces present in her system during that time. As investigations continue into this matter, Louisiana State Police have cautioned pedestrians against walking too close to roadways or getting distracted while walking at night.

Pedestrian fatalities account for nearly 70% of all accidents resulting in death; therefore, troopers are urging people to be more vigilant and cautious when walking near roads at night. This can be achieved through simple measures such as avoiding distractions, wearing reflective clothing materials that make them visible to drivers passing by, and walking in the opposite direction as traffic flows rather than going with it.

As per LSP records showing Troop I’s investigations over the past year thus far; they investigated twenty-five fatal crashes leading to twenty-eight deaths altogether in their jurisdiction alone.