Multiple Reports of Vehicle Break-ins in Maplewood and Moss Bluff February 19 and 20, 2019

Multiple Reports of Vehicle Break-ins in Maplewood and Moss Bluff February 19 and 20, 2019

There have been several reports of vehicles being broken into in the Maplewood area of Sulphur as well as the Cooley Road area in Moss Bluff. Reports from residents say that the break-ins in Maplewood occurred off Prater Road near Stephanie Dr, Fern Dr, and Mandy Dr.  

Maplewood resident Paul Fugatt posted the following on social media:

“At 4:03 am a man broke into my truck. At first look it seems he walks up and opens an unlocked door on my Truck. But turn up the volume and you can hear the thud of some type of device he used to disable the lock before he opens the door!”

He also shared this surveillance video.
The white color on the trees and grass is caused by the infrared night vision of the camera.

Moss Bluff resident Haley Lindsey said the following regarding the Moss Bluff break-ins.

“Everyone be on high alert tonight especially in the Cooley Road area near the middle school. Lock up anything you have that may be important. Just a few minutes ago, an older guy driving a white either F250 or 350 just parked on the road in front of my house, walked in my yard with the porch lights on, inside lights on, hopped right in my boyfriends truck and started digging around. When I asked him what he was doing he got out and said “Nevermind”. Older, bright skin, “gentleman” with salt and pepper hair and facial hair. Be aware. This guy was not afraid.”

Reported locations of break-ins

Approximate area of Sulphur break-ins.

Approximate area of Moss Bluff break-ins.

Neither the Sulphur Police Department or the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Department had made an official statement regarding the break-ins at the time this article was published. Both departments have previously suggested that residents be sure to lock their vehicles and not leave valuables in them.

If you have any information regarding these break-ins you can contact the Sulphur Police Department at (337) 527-4550 or the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Department at (337) 491-3600. Dial 911 for an emergency.

Source for featured image and video: Paul Fugatt – Neighbors App –

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