Belfield Ditch Widening Project

The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury ( CPPJ ) recently published a video about a project to reduce flooding by widening the Belfield Ditch between North Perkins Ferry Road and Belfield Road in Moss Bluff.

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What is the Belfield Ditch Project?
How will it improve drainage in Moss Bluff?

Jennifer Cobian – Senior Finance Analyst: “We are widening the Belfield ditch that runs from North Perkins Ferry Road to just East of Belfield Road. It includes a bench cut 55 foot to 85 foot on the North side that will increase the stormwater capacity of the ditch.

What is the cost of the project and who’s funding it?

Jennifer Cobian – Senior Finance Analyst: “Total cost of the project is a little over five million dollars. It’s funded by several different sources, including FEMA which is the primary funding source of about four million dollars. It’s also being funded through non-federal funds, state capital outlay, gaming money, and our Parish Road and Drainage Trust Fund.

What is the timeline for the Belfield Ditch Project?

Jennifer Cobian – Senior Finance Analyst: “The project began in 2012 with the initial application to FEMA for engineering and design. Then in 2013, the engineering and design work was completed and our phase 2 request to FEMA was submitted for the phase 2 construction cost which was the bulk of the project. In the meantime, during 2013-14 they completed the wetlands mitigation process, as well as the permitting process through the Army Corps of Engineers. So it was fully funded at the end of 2016 by FEMA and state capital outlay, and in 2017 they completed the right-of-way acquisitions to be able to start construction. It’s expected to take a little over a year, and final completion is expected in June 2019. this has been a true partnership between the Police Jury and Gravity Drainage District 8 or Ward 1. We’ve teamed up. We’ve tackled issues together over the years, and really gotten the project to where it is today, and we’re thrilled that it’s under construction.

The Parish Line: The Belfield Ditch Project

In this short video, we explain how the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, along with Gravity Drainage District Eight of Ward One, is widening the Belfield Ditch between N. Perkins Ferry Road and Belfield Road in an effort to reduce flooding in those areas.

Posted by Calcasieu Parish Police Jury on Friday, April 20, 2018