Mandatory Evacuation Order Issued for Parts of Beauregard Parish, Forestry and National Guard Fighting Wildfire, Cooling Station Opened for Residents

By Evelina Rivers
Published August 23, 2023

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Beauregard Parish, Louisiana – A mandatory evacuation order has been issued for parts of Beauregard Parish, with the forestry and national guard fighting a wildfire, and a cooling station has been opened for residents.

Mandatory Evacuation Order Issued for Parts of Beauregard Parish

A mandatory evacuation order has been issued by the Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office for residents on Neale Oil Field Rd. Agencies continue to attempt to contain the fire at this time.

Anyone who needs transportation can contact 337-463-3281. Authorities are asking that residents use caution when leaving as others will be trying to do the same.

Cooling Station Opened For Residents of Singer and Merryville

If you happen to be residing in the locales of Singer or Merryville and are currently experiencing power outages, a cooling station has been established for your convenience at the Singer Baptist Church, situated on 9106 Highway 27 in Singer, Louisiana.

Forestry Department and National Guard Activated to Fight Wildfire by Land and Air in Beauregard

The forestry department is taking swift action today to mitigate the wildfire that has been reported in the vicinity. Air and water tankers have been deployed to the area to bring it under control, and the National Guard has been activated to assist in these efforts. Due to the imminent danger posed by the fire, local firefighters have been barred from entering the affected area. In the meantime, the forestry dozers have been working tirelessly throughout the night to create fire lanes around the perimeter.

Once the area is deemed safe, local firefighters will commence their efforts to extinguish the remaining small fires. It is important to note that everyone residing on Neale Oilfield Road has been ordered to evacuate immediately.