Louisiana State Police Warning Drivers: Ice Hazard on Ellender Bridge, LA Hwy 27 in Calcasieu Parish

By Calcasieu Staff
Published January 15, 2024

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Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana – Louisiana State Police have issued a warning about the Ellender Bridge (LA Highway 27 at the Calcasieu Cameron Parish line) as it is beginning to ice up. Drivers are advised to be cautious when crossing this bridge.

Update: LA 27 at Ellender Bridge Closed Due to Winter Weather

Both State Police and the Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office are present at the scene, monitoring the situation.

It’s important to exercise caution when driving in areas affected by wintry weather, as bridges and overpasses can freeze suddenly and without much warning. Allow yourself extra time to reach your destination, reduce your speed, and maintain a greater following distance between vehicles. In case of a skid, refrain from braking and instead remove your foot from the gas while steering into the skid. Wearing a seatbelt is crucial for your safety in the event of a crash.

Follow this link to view a live traffic map of Southwest Louisiana.