Louisiana Man and Multiple Cats Killed in Early Morning House Fire in Caddo Parish

By Liora Hawthorne
Published July 12, 2023

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Louisiana Man and Multiple Cats Killed in Early Morning House Fire in Caddo Parish

Caddo Parish, Louisiana – A Louisiana man and multiple cats were killed in an early morning house fire in Caddo Parish.

Deputies of the State Fire Marshal (SFM) are currently conducting an examination into a residential fire in Blanchard, Louisiana which resulted in the death of a male resident as well as multiple pets.

Caddo Parish Fire District #1 promptly responded to a house fire around 2 a.m. on Tuesday, July 11th in Blanchard, in the 7100 block of Billie Lee Lane. Upon searching the house, firefighters discovered a man in a bedroom and pulled him from the fire. Regrettably, their attempts to save his life were unsuccessful. Additionally, at least seven cats perished in the fire.

The victim’s official identification and cause of death are still being determined by the Caddo Parish Coroner’s Office. However, it is thought that the victim was a 48-year-old person who lived in the house.

After evaluating the scene and interviewing witnesses, the deputies have concluded that the fire originated in a sunroom extension. Investigators found multiple extension cords and power strips connected throughout the room. Currently, the deputies indicated that they cannot rule out the possibility of an electrical malfunction due to unsafe wiring or natural factors such as severe weather in the area during the fire.

The SFM promotes the idea of avoiding the excessive use of extension cords for extended periods and urges individuals to consider the wattage restrictions of such cords and power strips. This precautionary measure helps prevent overloading, which can lead to overheating and potentially cause a fire hazard.

Furthermore, the deputies couldn’t find any functional smoke detectors in this residence. Smoke detectors are crucial in saving lives during a fire emergency, regardless of the type of dwelling. It is crucial to regularly check the functionality of your smoke detectors. If you require assistance in obtaining smoke detectors for your home, Operations Save-A-Life is available for support. To gather more information about Operation Save-A-Life or to sign up for a complimentary smoke detector, please visit our website at lasfm.org or reach out to your local fire department to request a free smoke detector installation.