Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Signs 79 Bills Into Law from 2021 Legislative Session

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Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Signs 79 Bills Into Law from 2021 Legislative Session

Published June 16, 2021

On June 16, 2021, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he has signed the following bills into law from the 2021 Legislative Session.

Select the “ACT” number of each bill below to view more information about the bill including the full bill text, digests, votes, authors, and other information.

ACT 248—HB 15 Provides for the crime of staging of a motor vehicle collision.

ACT 249—HB 24 Authorizes members of the Louisiana State Police Retirement System to purchase additional service credits at the time of retirement.

ACT 250—HB 29 Provides relative to Firefighters’ Retirement System’s Deferred Retirement Option Plan and unfunded accrued liability.

ACT 251—HB 45 Provides relative to the jurisdictional amount in dispute for the City Court of Sulphur.

ACT 252—HB 46 Provides relative to certain pretrial procedures.

ACT 253—HB 51 Changes the territorial jurisdiction of justices of the peace and constables in Pointe Coupee Parish.

ACT 254—HB 62 Requires the St. James Parish assessor to pay the cost of certain insurance premiums for certain retirees of the assessor’s office.

ACT 255—HB 74 Provides relative to the workers’ compensation claims office requirement for insurers issuing such policies in Louisiana.

ACT 256—HB 87 Provides relative to administrative adjudication of certain ordinance violations in the city of Monroe.

ACT 257—HB 92 Increases the amount paid for a person who has been wrongfully convicted.

ACT 258—HB 144 Provides relative to the membership of the governing board of the Acadia Parish Convention and Visitors Commission.

ACT 259—HB 152 Provides for the continuous revision of the Code of Civil Procedure.

ACT 260—HB 220 Provides relative to public works contracts.

ACT 261—HB 221 Provides relative to certain commercial driver’s license applicants.

ACT 262—HB 230 Provides relative to aquaculture development and the Louisiana Aquatic Chelonian Research and Promotion Board.

ACT 263—HB 242 Establishes the Louisiana Commission on Security for the Faith Community.

ACT 264—HB 257 Creates the Plantation Trace Crime Prevention and Improvement District in East Baton Rouge Parish.

ACT 265—HB 265 Provides relative to penalties for unlawful use of an unmanned aircraft system.

ACT 266—HB 270 Provides for definitions and exemptions relative to telemedicine and telehealth.

ACT 267—HB 359 Provides relative to solicitors.

ACT 268—HB 58 Extends certain funding for the Mineral and Energy Operation Fund.

ACT 269—HB 64 Provides relative to misleading solicitations by nongovernmental entities which imply certain governmental connections.

ACT 270—HB 70 Provides relative to amendment of petitions in delinquency proceedings.

ACT 271—HB 106 Provides relative to pleas of guilty or nolo contendere in felony cases.

ACT 272—HB 113 Allows the spouse of a public servant to be employed by a person who has or who is seeking a business or financial relationship with the agency of the public servant under specified circumstances.

ACT 273—HB 134 Provides for the composition and authority of the Allen Parish Capital Improvements Board.

ACT 274—HB 135 Provides relative to the position of deputy chief of police in the city of Oakdale.

ACT 275—HB 156 Provides for changing the job title of school guidance counselor to school counselor.

ACT 276—HB 183 Provides relative to state income tax withholdings on federal disaster unemployment compensation benefits.

ACT 277—HB 188 Provides with respect to healthcare records.

ACT 278—HB 192 Authorizes credit card payment to manufacturers and wholesale dealers of alcoholic beverages.

ACT 279—HB 197 Provides relative to occupational licenses for dependents of healthcare professionals.

ACT 280—HB 261 Provides relative to the qualifications of the members of the municipal fire and police civil service board.

ACT 281—HB 267 Provides relative to the online dispute resolution pilot project for certain cases filed in the City Court of East St. Tammany.

ACT 282—SB 12 Creates a retired clerks and clerk’s employees insurance fund for the Orleans Parish Clerk of Civil District Court.

ACT 283—SB 66 Provides for the Peace Officer and Public Safety Personnel Peer Support and Mental Health Wellness Act.

ACT 284—SB 80 Reallocates a portion of the state sales tax on room rentals in St. Landry Parish to the Liberty Theatre in Eunice.

ACT 285—SB 81 Establishes reporting requirements to the Department of Revenue for businesses and governmental entities using service providers.

ACT 286—SB 125 Exempts certain infused prescription drugs from local sales tax.

ACT 287—SB 160 Conforms state partnership reporting adjustments to federal taxable income to current federal partnership audit adjustments.

ACT 288—SB 15 Provides relative to purchase of telecommunication and video equipment or services by state agencies.

ACT 289—SB 53 Provides relative to the Orleans Parish Civil District Court judicial building fund.

ACT 290—SB 76 Provides relative to the hotel and lodging exception permit.

ACT 291—SB 96 Provides for the waste tire program in the Department of Environmental Quality.

ACT 213—SB 146 Provides relative to the preservation of public records.

ACT 214—SB 147 Provides for personal delivery devices.

ACT 215—SB 155 Provides relative to the Louisiana Social Work Practice Act.

ACT 216—SB 162 Provides relative to the Major Events Incentive Program and the Major Events Incentive Program Subfund.

ACT 217—SB 181 Provides relative to health insurance coverage modifications and unfair or deceptive practices.

ACT 218—SB 194 Provides for an extension to the moratorium on additional beds for nursing facilities.

ACT 219—SB 207 Provides relative to subpoenas of DOTD contractors and public entities advertising for public work.

ACT 220—SB 210 Provides relative to recreational vehicle warranties.

ACT 221—SB 227 Creates the Plank Road Economic Development District in East Baton Rouge Parish.

 Exempts certain unclaimed property information from the Public Records Law.

ACT 223—SB 29 Authorizes the commissioner of insurance to take certain actions relative to insurance during a declared emergency.

ACT 224—SB 124 Requires the playing or singing of the national anthem prior to certain athletic contests.

ACT 225—SB 131 Prohibits insurance companies from including defense costs within the limits of liability except under certain circumstances.

ACT 226—SB 192 Provides for connecting multiple recreational vehicles to an individual sewerage system in certain parishes.

ACT 227—SB 241 Increases debt limitation on assessed valuation of taxable property in Iowa Fire Protection District No. 1.

ACT 228—HB 362 Creates an individual income tax checkoff for the La. State University Agricultural Center Grant Walker Educational Center.

ACT 229—HB 366 Authorizes the exchange of state property in Caddo, Sabine, Richland, and Morehouse Parishes for property in Ouachita Parish.

ACT 230—HB 368 Provides relative to required instruction in elementary and secondary schools on the health risks of vapor products.

ACT 231—HB 373 Establishes an exception to public records requirements for certain information by the secretary of state.

ACT 232—HB 389 Provides relative to the discharge or use of Class B fire fighting foam containing fluorinated organic chemicals.

ACT 233—HB 392 Provides relative to the criminal court fund in DeSoto Parish.

ACT 234—HB 404 Provides relative to lifetime livestock brand recordation and fees.

ACT 235—HB 406 Provides relative to the presence of the defendant in misdemeanor prosecutions.

ACT 236—HB 422 Provides relative to the membership of the Reentry Advisory Council.

ACT 237—HB 465 Provides relative to the leasing of the 4.9 GHz band.

ACT 238—HB 477 Authorizes the La. State Board of Examiners of Psychologists to implement fees for certain services.

ACT 239—HB 550 Provides relative to duplicate driver’s licenses and identification cards.

ACT 240—HB 560 Provides relative to the issuance of summons by an officer in lieu of arrest.

ACT 241—HB 655 Provides for the removal of criminal penalties and reclassification of certain wildlife violations and provides for enforcement and recovery of civil fines by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

ACT 242—HB 703 Provides relative to the use of genetic information in underwriting for life and long-term care insurance.

ACT 243—HB 708 Provides relative to the posting of bail.

ACT 244—HB 363 Provides relative to the Protect Wild Dolphins special prestige license plates.

ACT 245—HB 517 Provides for the limitation of civil liability for agents, contractors, and representatives of proprietors.

ACT 246—HB 549 Modifies definitions relative to hazardous materials reporting under the Right-to-Know Law.

ACT 247—HB 652 Provides relative to penalties for possession of marijuana.

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