Louisiana DCFS and Department of Education Receive Approval to Distribute Fourth Round of Pandemic EBT

By Calcasieu Staff
Published April 27, 2023

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Louisiana DCFS and Department of Education Receive Approval to Distribute Fourth Round of Pandemic EBT

Louisiana – The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services and the Department of Education have been approved to distribute a  fourth round of Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer.

The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), in collaboration with the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE), has received approval from the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service (USDA FNS) to provide Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) benefits to eligible children for the school year, child care, and summer of 2022-2023.

Louisiana, which is one of just over half of the states that have been permitted to issue P-EBT for the current school year, will begin disbursing payments to qualified households with children in grades K-12 in early May, with child care and summer benefit issuances following in late summer. Louisiana has been issuing P-EBT benefits for the fourth year. DCFS has distributed over $1.14 billion in P-EBT benefits to over 1.2 million children since 2020.

Benefits for SY P-EBT are awarded in a tiered system based on the number of days a child missed due to COVID per month at a rate of $8.18 per day. SY 2022-23 and Summer P-EBT benefits will be awarded to children who previously received P-EBT benefits on their existing P-EBT cards. Children who were not qualified for P-EBT benefits during the last round of issuances but are now eligible for SY 2023 and summer benefits will be mailed a P-EBT card. All Child Care P-EBT benefits will be issued to the eligible child’s household’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) card.

Before a school may offer P-EBT, it must have at least one student with five (5) consecutive absences because to COVID-19.

During Summer P-EBT, a single lump sum payment of $120 will be made to each child who was qualified for P-EBT during the final month of SY 2022-23. Children in child care, homeschool, and virtual schools who do not participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) will not be eligible for Summer 2023 benefits, according to government guidelines.

“Worrying about how to feed your children is a burden that is all too real to many Louisiana families. P-EBT benefits go a long way to supporting families, and we’re pleased to issue these benefits again this year, but we know it doesn’t cover the entire food need. That’s why we’re advising parents and other neighbors to call 211 to find out about SNAP, WIC, food pantries and other resources that can really make a difference for families and their children,” said DCFS Secretary Terri Ricks.