Louisiana Cell Phone Laws Could Soon Change

Louisiana Cell Phone Laws Could Soon Change

Using a  cell phone without a handsfree device while driving in Louisiana could soon be illegal. Legislation has been introduced for the upcoming session that would make cell phone use [without a handsfree device] while driving on Louisiana roadways illegal in most cases. The legislation, introduced by Breaux Bridge Representative Mike Huval, would not apply to first responders and other emergency personnel. 

Huval said, “There’ve been accidents that they’ve actually unfortunately killed people and people were seriously injured and it’s only because people were distracted by their cell phones in many cases. So that’s what is bringing this. It’s about safety.”

The representative also mentioned that the technology for hands-free use of a cell phone is now more widely available.

Current law in Louisiana prohibits the handheld use of a cell phone in school zones and other places marked as “Hands-Free” zones. Young drivers are also prohibited from using a cell phone while driving.

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Should Louisiana Drivers Have to Use a Hands-free Device to Use a Cell Phone While Driving?