Local Residents Have Mixed Feelings About 2019 Louisiana Pirate Festival Being Shortened

Local Residents Have Mixed Feelings About 2019 Louisiana Pirate Festival

The schedule for the Louisiana Pirate Festival has been released, and local residents have mixed feelings about the festival being shortened. Many residents are also still not happy with the name change from “Contraband Days” to “Louisiana Pirate Festival” that was made in 2017. The festival has been celebrated in Southwest Louisiana for over 60 years now and previously went on for ten days. The Louisiana Pirate Festival has now been shortened to only four days in 2019. It appears that with the shorter schedule, festival organizers had to do away with many events that were featured in previous years including the fireworks display. It appears that there will however be a laser light show this year.

Some of the complaints about the Louisiana Pirate Festival that have recently been seen on social media include:

“Should have left well enough alone.”


“They might as well just shut it down.”

“It went to [exlpetive] when they became politically correct and changed the name from CONTRABAND DAYS!!”

There were also some people who had a positive outlook on the changes and festival saying:

“Try to stay positive.”

“Come on it’s a festival just come enjoy each other’s company!”

“I cant wait to see all the beautiful kiddos at the contest! Ima have some special goodies for all of them!!!”

“I don’t get the point of being so negative. Just go out and give it a shot!”

Follow this link for more information about the 2019 Louisiana Pirate Festival including a schedule of events

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