Lake Charles Water Division Urges Citizens to Conserve Water Amidst High Demand in Freezing Weather

By Calcasieu Staff
Published January 16, 2024

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Lake Charles, Louisiana – The City of Lake Charles Water Division is calling on residents to conserve water as the system faces a significant challenge in meeting the increasing demand. The division is urging citizens to take immediate action and limit their water usage in an effort to alleviate the strain on the system.

In a statement, the Water Division emphasized the importance of conserving water during this critical period. They have provided some guidelines for citizens to follow in order to reduce their water consumption.

Firstly, if it is necessary to use a faucet, individuals are advised to only let it drip slightly. This will help minimize unnecessary water wastage. The Water Division encourages everyone to be mindful of their water usage and avoid any unnecessary running of faucets.

Additionally, the division is requesting residents to delay washing clothes and dishes until the water supply stabilizes. By postponing these activities, citizens can contribute to the overall conservation efforts and help ensure that an adequate water supply is available for essential needs.

The City of Lake Charles is grateful for the cooperation and understanding of its residents during this challenging period. By working together to conserve water, the community can help ensure that everyone has access to this vital resource for everyday use, as well as emergencies.