LaFleur’s Roller Rink Items to Go Up for Sale and in Brimstone Museum

Items from LaFleur’s Available for Sale, Others Donated to Brimstone Museum

LaFleur’s Roller Rink in Sulphur is being torn down after the property it is on was purchased for just over $420,000. The property will be used for a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise. The skating rink on Ruth Street was open from 1958 until 1998. Since it closed, the metal building has held old skates, games, records, and other things many locals made memories with back when the rink was open. Due to the interest in many of the items in the old roller rink, the LaFleur family has decided to make some of them available for purchase. A selection of the items will be available at Polished Peasant in Sulphur Some. Other items from the Sulphur skating rink will be donated to the Brimstone Museum in Sulphur.

LaFleur’s Roller Rink was located at the corner of Navarre and Ruth Streets, just North of the Hong Kong and Burger King Restaurants.

Brimstone Museum is located at 900 S. Huntington Street in Sulphur.

Polished Peasant is open on the first and third Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays of each month, between 10 AM and 5 PM. Polished Peasant is located 2304 Maplewood Drive.

More information about LaFleur’s Roller Rink in Sulphur can be found in the article “Skating down Memory Lane” by Lisa Addison featured in the American Press.

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