Jeff Landry Inaugurated Early Due to Weather, Starts as Louisiana’s New Governor

By Calcasieu Staff
Published January 08, 2024

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana – On January 7, 2024, in a grand ceremony attended by hundreds, Jeff Landry was inaugurated as the 57th Governor of Louisiana. The event, which took place a day earlier than planned due to weather concerns, saw the presence of the state congressional delegation, as well as Donald Trump Jr.

In his inaugural address, Governor Landry began by highlighting the natural beauty and warm hospitality that Louisiana is renowned for.

Jeff Landry, 53, a Republican from St. Martinville, Louisiana, officially assumed power at noon on January 8.

Before he was elected governor, Landry served as the Attorney General of Louisiana for eight years. Notably, he emerged victorious in the gubernatorial election held in October 2023, triumphing over 14 other candidates.

Before his tenure as Attorney General, Landry represented Louisiana’s interests in the United States House of Representatives from 2011 to 2013. Furthermore, he has an impressive military background, having served for 11 years in the Louisiana Army National Guard.

Governor Landry’s inauguration marks a new chapter in Louisiana’s political landscape. With his extensive experience in both state and federal government, as well as his dedication to public service, many are optimistic about the positive changes he will bring to the state.

As the 57th Governor of Louisiana, Landry has inherited a diverse array of challenges.