Hurricane Laura Documentary “Coming up From The Ashes” Released on Amazon

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Published June 17, 2022

Hurricane Laura Documentary “Coming up From The Ashes” Released on Amazon

Louisiana – The documentary film “Coming up From The Ashes” about the recovery of Southwest Louisiana after Hurricane Laura has been released on Amazon, and is now available for rent or purchase.

From the creators: “”Coming up From The Ashes” is the story of how a community found the courage, strength, and resilience to endure the toughest of times and together. On August 27, 2020, hurricane Laura a category four storm, struck Southwest Louisiana.”

Viewer reviews of “Coming up From The Ashes”:

Dustin S. (Amazon)
“This documentary depicted what we went through, and are currently still dealing with through 4 natural disasters in 1 year here in Lake Charles, LA. Several times during this film, I had tears in my eyes. They were tears of sadness, anger, happiness, and pride. This was so well done. I’m so impressed.”

David (Amazon)
Real….this was one of the realest and r I have ever seen!
“As a survivor of South Louisiana’s hurricane season and as a Emergency Management Professional, this is one of the most accurate documentaries I have seen about natural disasters. It reflects both on the immediate and lasting effects hurricanes have on the communities in its path and the surrounding areas.”

“Coming up From The Ashes”Trailer

Follow this link to rent or purchase “Coming up From The Ashes”

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Featured image source: Blanco Ln. (YouTube)