Former Financial Director at Hospital in Louisiana Sentenced For Committing Wire Fraud Worth Over $800k

By Seraphina Frost
Published June 22, 2023

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Former Financial Director at Hospital in Louisiana Sentenced For Committing Wire Fraud Worth Over $800k

Monroe, Louisiana – The former financial director of a hospital in Louisiana has been sentenced for committing wire fraud worth over $800,000.

On June 21, 2023, United States Attorney Brandon B. Brown announced that Edward Calloway, 44, of West Monroe, Louisiana, has been sentenced on federal wire fraud charges. At the sentencing hearing, Chief United States District Judge Terry A. Doughty sentenced Calloway to 24 months in prison, followed by 3 years of supervised release.

According to testimony given in court, Calloway worked as the Finance Director for the G.B. Cooley Hospital (“Cooley Hospital”) of the Ouachita Parish Hospital Service District from 2016 until October 2019. From 2010 to 2016, Calloway worked as their First Staff Accountant before becoming their Finance Director.

Calloway started stealing from Cooley Hospital in 2012 by transferring money from the hospital’s general fund, sinking fund, and payroll accounts to his personal accounts at Richland State Bank and Louisiana Capital Federal Credit Union. Calloway initiated the Automated Clearing House (“ACH”) bank transfers using a computer. The bill of information filed in this case charged Calloway with causing an interstate wire transfer of $1,945.34 from a Cooley Hospital account to his personal bank account. The theft by Calloway lasted until October 2019 and resulted in a total loss of $892,602.18. On December 12, 2022, Calloway pleaded guilty to the allegation of wire fraud.

“G.B. Cooley Hospital Service is an iconic medical and counseling services provider to northeast Louisiana residents who need specialized care due to mental and physical issues and is funded by state and federal taxpayer dollars,” said U.S. Attorney Brandon B. Brown. “Mr. Calloway had a fiduciary duty as Financial Director to oversee these state and federal funds in a prudent fashion to the benefit of Cooley’s residents and clients, not himself. Instead, he took advantage of these individuals by stealing this money for his personal gain and has now been held accountable. We will be vigilant and unwavering in our duty to protect the interests our most vulnerable citizens in the district and the taxpayer dollar.”

The United States Secret Service, the Louisiana Office of State Inspector General, and the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office investigated the case, which was prosecuted by Alexander C. Van Hook, Special Counsel to the United States Attorney.