Facebook Scam Targeting Pages and Groups

Facebook Groups and Pages Now Targeted by Login Scam

Facebook users who are admins, editors or moderators for groups or pages have now been targeted more by a login scam. The scammers are sending messages to users or the Facebook page inbox informing them that their page or group will soon be deactivated or disabled. The message will prompt the user to click on a link to confirm their Facebook details and prevent further action.

Once the link is followed and users enter their details, the scammers can then create posts that appear to come from the victim’s page or personal Facebook account.

The scammers will often do this so they can send more scam related messages and post scam related links that look legitimate.

This type of Facebook scam has been around for a while, but the scammers have recently started targeting pages and groups more often than in the past.

Only enter your Facebook login information on the official Facebook website or app. Facebook will not ask you to enter your login information on another website or in another app.

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