Facebook Bug Caused Some Posts to Be Marked As SPAM

Facebook Bug Incorrectly Marking User Posts as SPAM

Many Facebook users recently reported that some of their posts were being deleted or marked as SPAM for no reason. It was also reported that news stories from verified agencies were marked as SPAM.

On Friday, August 24, 2018, Facebook made a post on their Twitter account indicating that the issue of posts being marked as SPAM was a bug, and the issue has been corrected.

Some Facebook users have continued to report that their posts are still being marked as SPAM even after the tweet. This could be caused by the fix not yet being applied to their account, or potentially another issue.

Facebook also recently reported again that there have been surveys shared on their platform that are stealing personal information. Some of these surveys are being marked as SPAM to help protect users. It is unclear if the two issues are related.

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