Enhancing Louisiana’s Transportation Network: DOTD Announces $64 Million in Bid Results for Infrastructure Development

By Evelina Rivers
Published November 07, 2023

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Louisiana – The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) has recently revealed that 26 projects across the state have received bids during the months of September and October. These bids were submitted by twenty different contractors, with the total value amounting to $64 million.

The projects in question span a wide range of infrastructure development, including road construction, repairs, and improvements.

As the projects move forward, residents and commuters can expect to witness improvements in the state’s transportation network. The completion of these projects will enhance road safety, reduce congestion, and improve connectivity between different regions in Louisiana.

“There are several important bridge and highway projects that will be starting soon after these recent lettings,” said DOTD Secretary Eric Kalivoda. “Most notably, there will be a major project to overlay U.S. 61 in Ascension Parish. This department is dedicated to continually improving Louisiana’s transportation system, and we will continue to use every resource we have to improve our state’s infrastructure for citizens and tourists.”

The projects that have been awarded and their corresponding apparent low bids are listed below:

Bridge Replacement and Repair:

  • Replacement of Klondike Canal and bayou bridges on LA 717 in Cameron Parish: $4,105,242.50
  • Repairs to Boudreaux Canal and Bayou Dulac bridges on LA 56 and LA 57 in Terrebonne Parish: $1,361,211.20
  • Repairs to Orange St. overpass above I-20 in Ouachita Parish: $1,070,000.00
  • Repairs to Golden Meadow and Galliano movable bridges on LA 308 and LA 3162 in Lafourche Parish: $1,170,980.00
  • Replacement of LA 1024 creek bridges near Friendship in Livingston Parish: $1,891,733.15
  • Replacement of LA 376 bayou bridges in Evangeline Parish: $3,269,635.50
  • Replacement of bridge on Van Buren St. over Corporation Canal in East Baton Rouge Parish: $794,616.15
  • Repair of LA 151 overpasses at I-20 in Ouachita Parish: $4,264,497.90
  • Repair of LA 577 overpass at I-20 in Madison Parish: $2,129,442.00
  • Repairs to movable bridge over Bayou des Allemands along LA 631 in St. Charles Parish: $297,500.00
  • Repairs to movable bridges on LA 315 and LA 661 in Terrebonne Parish: $641,900.00


  • Grading and paving on Carey St. in St. Tammany Parish: $969,145.15
  • Milling, patching, and overlay on LA 3229 between LA 482 and N. Toledo Bend Park Rd. in Sabine Parish: $2,500,599.56
  • Grading, milling, paving, and drainage on LA 1222 between LA 485 and Mallard Bayou Bridge in Natchitoches Parish: $1,898,651.30
  • Grading, milling, and striping on LA 1181/1182 between LA 107 and M.P. Cutoff Rd. in Avoyelles Parish: $2,073,877.88
  • Milling, patching, overlay, and drainage on LA 15 between Slocum and Deer Park in Concordia Parish: $5,538,693.55
  • Milling and overlay on LA 1-X between Keyser Ave. and Church St. in Natchitoches Parish: $428,587.59
  • Grading, milling, patching, and overlay on Terrace Ave. in St. Tammany Parish: $475,829.29
  • Grading, milling, paving, and drainage on LA 40 between LA 25 and LA 1129 in St. Tammany Parish: $5,931,430.97
  • Milling, patching, and overlay on U.S. 61 between LA 74 and LA 42 in Ascension Parish: $12,759,761.73
  • Roadway overlays throughout Calcasieu Parish: $1,643,873.43

Congestion Mitigation and Safety:

  • Realignment of LA 3227 at LA 157 in Bossier Parish: $4,189,250.89
  • Roundabout on LA 1026 at Eden Church Rd. in Livingston Parish: $3,061,380.00
  • Safety measures at Lower Anacoco Dam in Vernon Parish: $405,045.00


  • Downtown Greenway Connector amenities in East Baton Rouge Parish: $482,370.00
  • M/V D.W. Griffith drydock for repairs, maintenance, and painting: $631,900.00

In Louisiana, upon receiving bids for projects, a preliminary lowest bidder is identified. However, it takes approximately 30 days to finalize and award the contract. If bid prices fall outside a specific range or exceed the project budget, a more thorough evaluation is triggered. The Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) will closely monitor any increases in bid prices linked to supply chain and workforce issues. Following an assessment, DOTD may choose to re-bid the project. Prioritization of construction projects is based on factors such as the condition of road bridges, urgency of improvements needed, volume of traffic, crash records, unforeseen emergencies causing damage, and various other considerations.