Embezzling Over $200,000 From Employer Lands Louisiana Financial Manager in Prison and Ordered to Pay a $250,000 Fine

Published March 17, 2023

Embezzling Over $200,000 From Employer Lands Louisiana Financial Manager in Prison and Ordered to Pay a $250,000 Fine

New Orleans, Louisiana – Embezzling over $200,000 from an employer lands a Louisiana financial manager in prison and ordered to pay a $250,000 fine.

According to court filings, Laroche founded, owned, and operated Capital City Consulting Firm, which claimed to offer financial management services. Victim 1 was a Laroche client, and Laroche was in charge of bookkeeping, accounting, and other financial services for Victim 1 and Victim 1’s enterprises. Laroche had signatory authority over Victim 1’s bank accounts and access to them.

Laroche participated in a scheme to defraud Victim 1 and Victim 1’s businesses from around February 2015 to March 2021 by taking monies from Victim 1’s accounts under false pretenses and using the funds for her own advantage. Laroche, in particular, misrepresented that the monies were being used to pay federal income taxes. When Victim 1 inquired about the status of Victim 1’s tax responsibilities, Laroche lied to Victim 1 in order to conceal her scam. Laroche allegedly arranged for monthly payments to be routinely deducted from Victim 1’s account without Victim 1’s knowledge or agreement in order to pay for a vehicle insurance policy that benefited someone other than Victim 1. Laroche stole $233,363.53 from Victim 1 in total.

Judge Sarah S. Vance sentenced Laroche to 21 months in prison, a $250,000 fine, a $100 required special assessment fee, and (3) three years of supervised release following her sentence. A restitution hearing will be scheduled later.

“There is no tolerance in our community for criminals like Ms. Laroche, who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from her long-time client, betraying that client’s trust to benefit herself,” said Leslie Pichon, U.S. Secret Service New Orleans Special Agent in Charge. “Today’s sentence demonstrates that the Secret Service will do everything it can to hold individuals like Ms. Laroche accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

United States Attorney Evans lauded the work of the US Secret Service. The prosecution is led by Assistant United States Attorneys Nicholas D. Moses of the Financial Crimes Unit and Jordan Ginsberg, Chief of the Public Integrity Unit.