Electrical Issues Suspected as Cause in Louisiana Fire that Claimed the Life of Mother and Two Children

By Seraphina Frost
Published September 19, 2023

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Deputies from the Louisiana State Fire Marshal (SFM) are continuing to investigate a house fire incident in Mt. Airy, Louisiana which unfortunately resulted in the death of a mother and her two children.

On Wednesday, September 13, at approximately 3:45 a.m., the St. John Parish Fire Department attended to a residential fire in the 100 block of Marigold Street, within the Mt. Airy area. Firefighters, upon arriving, discovered that there could potentially be up to four individuals still present inside the structure on fire. The structure was a residence situated above a garage that was associated with a one-story house that had not been affected by the fire.

Regrettably, the remains of three individuals have been discovered. A female aged 38 was located near a bathroom, a young girl who was 7 years old was located in a bedroom and a toddler boy of 2 years old was discovered close to the exit door atop a staircase a few feet away from the woman who was their mother. They all lived in the house.

After evaluating the site, officers concluded that the fire originated from the kitchen section of the house. Currently, officers cannot exclude the chance that the fire might have been caused by an electrical issue related to the wiring near the stove.

The SFM advises that if you notice any concerning electrical issues from appliances or in certain parts of your home, stop using them until a licensed electrician can inspect and fix the identified problems to ensure electrical safety.

Finally, the house had no functioning smoke detectors. The State Fire Marshal (SFM) reminds all Louisiana residents that having a smoke alarm can be a lifesaver during a fire, regardless of the kind of home. If you need assistance obtaining smoke alarms for your home, Operation Save-A-Life can help. To learn more about Operation Save-A-Life, or to register for a free smoke alarm, visit lasfm.org or contact your local fire department to request a free smoke alarm installation.

The SFM expressed gratitude towards both public and private collaborators who contributed to the investigation, including the St. John Parish Fire Department, St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office, and Marathon Refinery-Garyville.