Easy to Use Self-Service Billboard Advertising Now in Southwest Louisiana

Easy to Use, Self-Service Billboards Now in Southwest Louisiana

Anyone who has ever driven down I-10, I-210 or any of the other major roadways in Southwest Louisiana has probably noticed the big billboards on either side. The signs show ads for all sorts of companies and products throughout the day and the occasional marriage proposal or personal message. Not too long ago billboard owners started installing digital billboards. These new digital billboards allowed the owners to easily change the ads displayed. Customers were still left having to contact billboard owners in order to have their ads displayed though. Recently, one of the companies that own several local billboards made the decision to make it a lot easier to get your ad on their billboards. AdSource is now using a service called Blip that allows you to create an ad campaign, provide artwork, pay, and track your ads all online from your home, office or wherever you are. Click or tap here to go to the Blip website and get started or keep reading to see the steps of creating a billboard ad.

Here are the steps to the process:

  • Create an account with Blip – This is the basics. Give them your name, an email address, create a password, and enter payment information. You preload your account with funds, so you don’t have to worry about getting a bill. You can also deposit as little as $2 to get started.  Click or tap here to go to the Blip website.
  • Create a campaign – Choose the locations, times, days of the week you would like your ad to be displayed, and your budget.
  • Create and upload an ad – Your ad is the image you would like displayed on the billboards.

After those steps, your ad will be reviewed. Calcasieu.info has submitted two ads so far, and it only took less than three hours for them to be approved and start displaying on the billboards. Calcasieu.info is not affiliated with Blip or AdSource.


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