Colorado Man Sentenced For 2020 Louisiana Arson That Injured Firefighter

By Zephyr Sullivan
Published September 29, 2023

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Louisiana – This week, the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal announced that a man from Colorado received his penalty after being found guilty in an arson case dating back to April 2020 in Bastrop, Louisiana.

Tyson Cornelison, aged 42, was given a 12-year hard labor sentence by the 4th Judicial District Court for an Injury by Arson charge. He was also sentenced to another 4 years of hard labor for Arson with Intent to Defraud and 2 years with hard labor for a Conspiracy charge. His conviction took place in June of this year.

In June 2020, Cornelison was apprehended for igniting a fire at a mixed-use building situated on the 100th block of South Franklin Street in Bastrop, Louisiana. The incident, which occurred in the early hours of April 15, resulted in an injury to a firefighter who was responding to the blaze.

Statements from witnesses, collected evidence, along with video footage, allowed investigators to pinpoint Cornelison as a suspect in the case, resulting in an arrest warrant being issued against him.

In June 2020, the police in Junction City, Kansas, located and arrested Cornelison. After his apprehension, he was brought to Morehouse Parish Jail.

The SFM expresses its gratitude towards the Bastrop Fire Department, Junction City Police Department, and the 4th Judicial District Court District Attorney’s Office for their collaboration in achieving the results of this case.