Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office Arrests Lake Charles Couple for Cruelty to a Juvenile

Published January 28, 2020

From the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office – January 27, 2020, at approximately 2:40 p.m. Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives responded to call from a local hospital about possible cruelty to a juvenile. Upon detectives’ arrival, they were advised by hospital staff that a 3-year-old boy had been brought in with a brain injury. The hospital staff stated the boy was immediately brought into surgery. Detectives were also advised that the boy had extensive injuries and bruising from head to toe, in different stages of healing; which meant the bruises had occurred over an extended period. Detectives were advised by medical staff they suspected the injuries sustained to the child were non-accidental.

During further investigation, detectives spoke with the child’s stepmother, Jessica P. Matthews, 26, Lake Charles. Matthews advised detectives she was at home when she found the boy on the floor appearing to have a seizure. She stated she placed the boy on the floor of his room and went to get dressed and then called the boy’s father, Tyler N. Laborde, 26, Lake Charles, at which time he came home and they brought the boy to the hospital. After further questioning Matthews told detectives on the previous day Laborde threw his 4-year-old daughter out of her room into the hallway, causing her to fall, after she took food from a 1-year-old girl, who is also living at the home. Matthews stated Laborde then placed the 4-year-old in time out for approximately 4 hours. She also advised detectives on a previous occasion the 3-year-old boy had been placed in time out for approximately 3 to 4 hours by Laborde for spilling water. Matthews also told detectives she and Laborde discipline their children, but she never leaves marks. She stated Laborde left bruises on the boy’s legs after spanking him with a belt. Matthews also advised detectives approximately 5 days ago Laborde held the boy’s face in the toilet, nearly touching the water because he did not say he needed to use the bathroom.

When detectives spoke with Laborde he denied throwing his four-year-old daughter. Laborde admitted to spanking the boy the previous day. Laborde also advised detectives Matthews was the one who put the children in time out on their knees for long periods.

Matthews and Laborde were arrested and booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center and charged with 2nd-degree battery; 2nd-degree cruelty to a juvenile; and cruelty to a juvenile. Their bonds have not yet been set.

The 3-year-old boy currently remains in a local hospital in critical condition.

All children in the home were placed in state custody by the Department of Children & Family Services.

CPSO Detective Kara Adams is the lead investigator on this case