Calcasieu Parish Property Owners Hit by Severe Weather Can Apply for Tax Reduction

By Calcasieu Staff
Published April 22, 2024

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Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana – Calcasieu Parish Property Owners Affected by Extreme Weather Urged to Apply for Tax Reduction

Calcasieu Parish Assessor Wendy Aguillard has issued an announcement for property owners impacted by the severe weather that swept through the region on April 10th, 2024. If your residence is uninhabitable or your business is nonoperational due to the recent weather events, you may be eligible for a reduced property value while conducting repairs.

To seek this potential reduction for the tax year 2024, property owners must submit a Disaster Reassessment Request application along with supporting documentation to the assessor’s office by the deadline of August 15th, 2024.

The Disaster Reassessment Request application can be completed either in person at the assessor’s office or by downloading it directly from the official website. Follow this link to visit the Calcasieu Parish Assessor’s website and access the needed forms.

Property owners have the option to return the completed application in person, via email, fax, or by traditional mail. Follow this link for contact information for the Calcasieu Parish Assessor’s Office.

It is important to note that each application must be accompanied by supporting documentation, which may include interior and exterior photographs showcasing damages, summaries from insurance adjusters related to disaster, flood, or tornado claims (if applicable), and any estimates from contractors for repairing the current damages. These documents are essential for the assessment process.

By submitting an application with all the required supporting materials, property owners increase their chances of receiving the appropriate consideration for a reduced property value during the repair period.