Calcasieu Parish Emergency Scanner

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Calcasieu Parish Emergency Scanner

Scanner audio from local agencies and first responders in Southwest Louisiana

Calcasieu Parish Scanner Audio

Scanner audio from local agencies and first responders in Southwest Louisiana.

Scroll down and press the play button to listen.

The calls in this feed are from multiple local and state agencies that operate in Southwest Louisiana. The audio may include calls from fire departments, Louisiana State Police, Louisiana Department of Transportation, and other radio communications in the areas of Calcasieu Parish such as Lake Charles, Sulphur, Westlake, DeQuincy, Iowa, Vinton, Carlyss, Gillis, Hayes, Moss Bluff, and Starks, as well as some agencies in the parishes of Allen Parish, Beauregard Parish, Cameron Parish, Jefferson Davis Parish, and other parts of the state of Louisiana.

The audio is live and may include content that is disturbing to some listeners. Listener discretion is advised. does not control the content or volume of individual agencies on the scanner. Some communications may be higher or lower than others.

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Below are some issues that have been reported, along with information about why the issues may occur, and things you may try to resolve the issue.

Due to the nature of this scanner feature on our website, there may be some issues that are beyond our control.

Issue: Low audio volume.
Unfortunately, we do not currently have a fix for this issue since the audio volume of the signals we receive varies throughout the day, and may also vary from different agencies.

Issue: The audio sounds like it is repeating.
This is usually resolved by refreshing the scanner page in your browser and pressing the play button again.
The cause of this is typically due to our scanner computer losing connection to our broadcast server or an update occurring.

Issue: No audio for an extended period of time.
At some times you may not hear any audio at all simply because there are no calls being dispatched. There is typically at least one call dispatched every 20 – 30 minutes in Calcasieu Parish even on “slow” days.
If you do not hear a call within 30 minutes of listening, try to refresh the scanner page on your browser and press the play button again. Also, make sure the volume is turned up on the device you are listening to. In some cases, there may be problems with our internet connection, or our scanner or broadcast server may be being updated or offline for other reasons.