Calcasieu Parish Police Jury COVID-19 Briefing from March 23

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Calcasieu Parish Police Jury COVID-19 Briefing from March 23

Calcasieu Parish Police Jury COVID-19 Briefing from March 23

Published March 23, 2020

March 23, 2020, Calcasieu Parish Police Jury held a news briefing to updated the public about COVID-19 in Southwest Louisiana. Below you can find some of the key points mentioned at the briefing. A video of the full briefing is also available below the list of key points.

Key Points from CPPJ COVID-19 Briefing on March 23, 2020

  • Louisiana currently has 1172 cases 34 deaths.


  • 4 cases in Calcasieu, and first reported death. This death will be added to the official count website tomorrow.


  • The death was not unexpected since this is a serious virus.


  • There are probably more unknown cases in Calcasieu Parish due to the delay in reporting after the test.


  • The virus can cause severe symptoms and even death in the young and healthy, but it’s not as likely as with the elderly or those with underlying health issues.


  • If you believe you are sick before you go back to work or in public you should have had symptoms for at least 7 days and be symptom-free for 3 days if sick even if you haven’t been tested.


  • People should be sure to take care of their mental health as well as physical health.


  • Homemade masks have not been tested and are unlikely to help with this type of virus.


  • Stay calm, stay safe, and stay home.


  • City and parish services will continue.


  • Public transit in Lake Charles is still operating with limited capacity. They are also using a sanitizing service.


  • All city buildings and facilities will be closed to the public.



  • Use email to make contact with local municipalities if possible. If you cannot use email, call in.


  • The State is extending the tax deadline to July 15, 2020, the same date as federal taxes are now also due without penalty.


  • Abrahams Tent has closed, but the Salvation Army is continuting to provide to-go meals for the homeless and those in need. They are also asking for volunteers. The location is the Salvation Army on Legion Street.


  • If you want to help, call 211 for a current list of locations that need donations and volunteers.


  • There is no discussion or repurposing the Burton Colesium or Lake Charles Civic Center as healthcare overflow.


  • Chicot State Park is the quarantine area for our area.


  • You may see some activity at the Burton Colesium as the local authorities practice drive-thru testing.


  • There is no meeting currently scheduled for March 24, 2020.