Calcasieu Parish Police Jury Announces ‘Project Excessive Heat’ to Provide Air Conditioners to Qualifying Residents

By Orion Blake
Published July 21, 2023

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Calcasieu Parish Police Jury Announces ‘Project Excessive Heat’ to Provide Air Conditioners to Qualifying Residents

Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana – The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury has announced ‘Project Excessive Heat’ which will provide air conditioners to qualifying residents.

The Human Services Department of the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury is collaborating with Catholic Charities, Project Build a Future, and the Calcasieu Council on Aging to initiate “Project Excessive Heat”. The objective is to supply air conditioning window units to residents who meet the eligibility criteria.

Human Services and its associates will be distributing over 100 air conditioning units.

Tarek Polite, the Director of Human Services, stated that many communities in the southern region of the country are facing dangerously high temperatures, posing serious health risks. He explained that the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, in cooperation with several non-profit partners, plans to make the most of their grant funds by providing cooling units to as many qualifying residents as possible. This action is aimed at lowering the risk of people suffering from a heat-related condition or a potentially fatal situation.

In order to be eligible, residents are required to fulfill the income parameters set by the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG).

  • One-person household- $29,160
  • Two-person household- $39,440
  • Three-person household- $49,270
  • Four-person household- $60,000
  • Five-person household- $70,280
  • Six-person household- $80,560
  • Seven-person household- $90,840
  • Household of eight people – 101,120

Furthermore, to qualify, households must fulfill at least one of the following conditions: be a resident of Calcasieu Parish; have a household member who is either 15 years old or younger, or 60 years or older; have a pregnant household member; or have an individual residing there who has a disability which is recognized and can be proven by the Social Security Administration.

Residents interested in applying need to contact the Human Services appointment line at 337-721-4033 starting from 8 a.m. on Monday, July 24. Please note that this line will only become active from this specific date.

During that period, applicants will be given a scheduled date and time to finalize the application process.

As part of their appointments, applicants need to present a valid ID with a photo, evidence of their household’s income (either monthly or yearly), and Social Security cards for everyone in the household. Any submitted application will undergo checks for any possible duplicities and if it fulfills all the criteria, it will progress to the verification stage. Once approved, the application will then be sent to one of the partner agencies, where trained volunteers will carry out the installation of the window units.

Anyone wanting more information can call 337-721-4030.