Brave Lake Charles Police Officers Rescue Woman Trapped in Submerged Vehicle

By Calcasieu Staff
Published April 19, 2024

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Lake Charles, Louisiana – In a heroic display of courage and quick thinking, officers from the Lake Charles Police Department sprang into action to rescue a woman trapped inside a partially submerged vehicle in the river.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, at around 7:20 PM, when Cpl. James Gruspier, while patrolling near the 400 block of River Road, noticed a small silver sedan partially submerged in the river. Realizing that a female occupant was trapped inside, Cpl. Gruspier wasted no time and immediately notified dispatchers before bravely plunging into the water.

Upon reaching the vehicle, Cpl. Gruspier managed to make contact with the terrified occupant just as the cabin began to fill with water. The situation grew more dire as the vehicle was swept into the current and drifted further from the shore.

The arrival of Sgt. Ryan Magee and Officer Brennan Hoover added another layer of expertise to the rescue operation. Sgt. Magee, a seasoned member of the LCPD’s Marine Division, assessed the situation and swiftly formulated a plan to save the occupant.

Equipped with a personal floatation device (PFD), Sgt. Magee, along with Officer Hoover and later joined by Officer Caden Barrow, swam towards the submerged vehicle. Working together, they managed to extract the occupant, who, unable to swim, was at the mercy of the rising water levels.

As panic set in, Sgt. Magee and Cpl. Gruspier acted decisively, pulling the occupant to safety. With a coordinated effort, the officers formed a protective circle around the woman and guided her back to shore, ensuring her safe return.

Chief Shawn Caldwell of the Lake Charles Police Department commended the officers for their selfless actions, emphasizing that their swift response and unwavering bravery undoubtedly saved a life that day.